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Phone fatigue takes hold: SIM-onlys now top UK market


My Moto G5Plus has an 8 core CPU, 3GB RAM, 32GB flash (plus a 64GB MicroSD I added). It can go 2-3 days on one charge, has a great screen, is blazing fast for everything I need, and will get Android 8 early next year. I paid just over £200. I have unlimited texts/calls and 3GB data p/m. Why do I need a phone costing £1000 and pay £60 or more a month? I wouldn't use it any differently, and would just be paying for the privilege (iPhone owners are very familiar with this!).

The phone upgrade cycle has gone mad. Phone prices have gone mad. People don't *need* them, they're just told they must have them because 'it will make your life better'. It won't, ever, because next years handset will, ofcourse, be even better, and you must have that one too!

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