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Phone fatigue takes hold: SIM-onlys now top UK market

anthonyhegedus Silver badge

Why do you need a MicroSD? They're unreliable and FAR slower than the flash built into handsets. These days, with cloud storage, there's no need for that much storage anyway. And a swappable battery - Why? I used to have a handset with a swappable battery, and indeed a spare battery (a galaxy s3) and I never bothered - too much hassle - too long a boot time and I charged the thing every night anyway. I ended up getting a large battery for that which lasted two or three days of heavy use actually.

But I have to agree it's the long term support with android that annoys me. Any android phone seems to need to wait for not only manufacturer, but also carrier updates. Which is why if I ever end up getting an android phone it'll be a google one.

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