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"The assumption that capitalism will eat itself was alway the hope of the Marx's of the world. It's hopelessly naive though."

Actually, Marx uses the term "dialectic of history", which implies that Socialism is inevitable because of the nature of capitalism.

Much like the Baby Jesus, all we have to do is wait :D

Anyhow, when I used the term "Socialism", it doesn't have to be the sort of thing many imagine when they see that word. Most of Europe is actually a socialist democracy. Their people are far happier than ours and their workers more profitable for their businesses too.

We seem to be caught up in American style ultra-capitalism, which really isn't healthy for anyone in the long term.

However, the moneymen have led us away from the possibility of European Social Democracy and into the arms of the offshore banking slave labour world. Ironically, by telling everyone that the EU is all about big business. Quite an effective lie it would appear too....

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