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We are certainly NOT at full employment. Stop spouting ideological BS Tory propaganda. There are currently officially 1.49 million unemployed. Add to that figure the long term sick, disabled, in education, in training and of course the sanctioned and that adds a considerable number on top of that 1.49 million.

And my argument still stands, you've given no viable alternative to UI, unless your position is the current system is better. In which case state that you think the current system is better.

Or would you prefer no welfare system at all, every unemployed for themselves, let them find work or starve to death without a safety net? While we're at it lets send small children back up chimneys and reintroduce Smallpox to keep the numbers of poor people in check.

My point is this, just because a system has never been tried in the UK doesn't make it shit. It may actually be the case that UI is the best way to solve poverty worldwide. I don't know, it's still being trialled in other countries, so it's too early to throw it out. The one thing I do know is this government isn't making anything better, they're responsible for thousands of preventable deaths by introducing draconian policies that demonise the sick, disabled, and unemployed.

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