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Priti Patel also exploited the immigration-phobic Brexit bandwagon while at the same time arguing for *more* immigration from the Indian subcontinent on the spurious excuse that Britain had older ties with that part of the world. (#) Which- oddly coincidentally- is her own ethnic background and was used to increase support for Brexit in sections of the Asian community.

The kneejerk Little Englanders who weren't paying attention to this deserve no sympathy. Equally, nor will those who thought they could exploit the Brexit to promote their own ethnic self interest if it backfires (i.e. if the former gets wind of what the latter are trying to do).

While we're here, let's also remember that everyone's "favourite" self-promoting inventor, James Dyson- who shut his factory in the UK around 15 years ago and now manufacturers his products in south-east Asia but is still treated as a national hero- also supported "Leave" and campaigned for the reduction of employment protections and scrapping of corporation tax. In short, just another hard-right Tory.

Remember that the next time you buy a Made-in-Malaysia Dyson vacuum cleaner.

I have no sympathy for those who voted for Brexit without noticing- or caring- that it was blatantly driven by these types of people, the ones who want to ditch social protections and turn Britain into a low-tax, low-rent economy. That's what you voted for, and that's what you're getting. They deserve to be (metaphorically) hit ruthlessly with the consequences of their own ignorant stupidity.

Unfortunately, the rest of us will suffer for this as well.

(#) There are many Tories who still- clearly- think that the relationship between Britain and India et al is still as it was at the end of Empire, that it's still a friendly community of equals, without realising that they were the school bully who is no longer in a position of power, but still with delusions that they're looked upon more fondly than is the case. Particularly now that it's no longer the 1940s and the balance of power has shifted and rests more with those approx 1.5 billion people a lot more than it does with Little England and Its Provinicial Chums. They are in for a shock.

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