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MPs draft bill to close loopholes used by 'sharing economy' employers

Doctor Syntax Silver badge

"MP's own shares and get paid as shareholders.

The companies using this are the ones probably paying the MP's."

Leaving aside the double use of a grocer's apostrophe what are you actually saying here?

Are you claiming that MPs, instead of being paid a parliamentary salary, are using personal service companies to get paid? If so what's your evidence for this?

Or is this a belief in some great conspiracy where only a few powerful people own all the shares and run the economy accordingly? If so then you should be aware that shareholding is a great deal more widespread than you think. Are you a member of a company pension scheme? Then, indirectly, you are a share holder. Do you have a personal pension or a life insurance scheme? Then you are a shareholder. Or almost any other form of savings? Does your employer have an employee share scheme?

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