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Despite their current incompetence, they are marginally better than they were a decade or so ago. In those days, their credit card provided no mechanism for automatic payment of the full balance on the statement, and the only way they would provide statements was by mail to a UK address. Since I was spending about quarter of my time abroad that meant that several times a year I ended up paying only the minimum amount and getting stuck with interest on the rest. So I informed them that I was going to cease using their card unless they provided a means of having an automatic full amount payment (pretty well every other credit card supplier provided that means). They told me that they were going to provide that feature in about three months. Twelve months later they still hadn't provided it, and they wrote to me informing that my account was cancelled because I hadn't used it for a year. So instead of having a customer not using his card for a couple of years (until they did what they had promised they would do within a tenth of the time the actually took to do it) they had an ex-customer who would never use any financial service from them again.

Given that they were so incompetent that providing the full-payment option was beyond their capability to do in a reasonable time, I don't find it at all surprising that they are incompetent at security too.

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