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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

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It is known that Tesla's, ehem "AutoPilot" has problem correctly identifying bicycles and allowing for them. Another big problem is that the AutoPilot wants to exit the motorway all of the time even when the route continues on. If you really want something self-driving, take the train.

Autonomous cars either need to be perfect (well, 7 or 8 9's to the right of the decimal) or not used at all. The greatest danger is a self-driving system that works in most situations. People will be apprehensive and constantly vigilant for a little while when they first start using it and then become less attentive until they are watching a movie, reading or applying makeup more of the time right up to the point where they smash into something. The constant refrain is that computers are so much better at driving than humans, but that hypothesis doesn't have very many data points yet. You could be fine on the motorway that has fresh lane markings and bouncing between hedge rows on a country lane.

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