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""""While more than half of the websites in the survey are using Microsoft web server software, relatively few of these are active sites. "

Yawn. % of sites was always the figure quoted when Apache was leading. LOL @ strangely how now it's not good enough...

"IIS is the perfect webserver if you have no content and no visitors."

Well in a way, yes because it's very secure and you can just leave it alone. If they were easily hackable you know people would be doing it for the bandwidth, the use of the server, and just for the lols..

However Microsoft IIS also has a 10% share of the top 1 million busiest sites, so it's quite capable scaling if needed. Indeed recent benchmarks show that IIS on Server 2016 significantly outscales Apache on Linux on the same hardware:

And that was with the now included AV enabled...

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