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"Nah, too many drivers just don't look." too many screens to watch the road distraction usually, "Had someone pull out in front of me at a T-junction whilst I was travelling along the major road. Had to slam on the brakes, other driver couldn't care less - "he'll stop" seemed the attitude." ride a motorcycle and it's even more common, there it's "He'll have to stop or he'll get hurt".

"At the weekend I had someone cut in front of me in their little Mazda 1 or similar sized city car. Too busy talking to their buddy and laughed it off. I was driving a near 3 tonne 4x4 and had to slam the brakes on as did everyone behind me." be glad you managed to, I had a middle aged woman in a Corsa do that to me ~10 years ago, except she cut it too close at hit me, still suffering from the whip-lash wrenching of my neck and shoulder. No matter I was in a Bright White Discovery and clearly visible, IF she'd bothered to look, but like most darting roller skate drivers she assumed everyone else can change lane and avoid as quickly and easily with a flick of the wrist as they can...

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