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The issue they have is that they can't get the car produced quick enough so the cash they are burning through is not being replaced with sales coming in because they don't have a model to sell..

They don't seem to understand how hard it is to be a car maker. As soon as they've got the Model 3 out and working, they will need to revisit the now ageing Model S, which in design terms is now a rather elderly seven years old. That'll need more R&D, more SG&A (but still need expensive logistics and after market support even when they've stopped making it).

I wouldn't want to bet against him, he's done so remarkable things so far.

In terms of Musk's madcap technology led ambition across so many different projects, I think the guy's a hero of the first order. But the most remarkable thing he's done commercially is turning high priced sales into huge net losses. Most of us could manage that.

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