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Tesla launches electric truck it guarantees won't break for a million miles

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Initial comments from a guy with a Class A.

How much of that 80,000 lb load is taken up by batteries?

Somebody else touched on Air Conditioning. This is California. Look at that greenhouse. Do the Math(s).

Seats one. Where does the lovely Mrs. jake sit? Steerage? Show stopper.

Only 4 wheels. Not a lot of traction when hauling 80,000 lbs at 60MPH+ ... or driving from Reno to Sacramento in the rain ... serious safety issue, probable show stopper.

Battery tech has reached the point where they'll last 1,000,000 miles with no degradation in performance? I really doubt it, even by 2019. Probable show stopper.

Finally, only a 500 mile round trip on a "tankfull"? Total show stopper.

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