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"As a non-lycra wearing cyclist, I'd ask you to read the background and reasoning for advanced stop lines. It also makes sense when they're not in place:"

I suspect a lot of the comments here are based peoples direct experiences of city centre, rush hour driving and cycling, especially what seem to be London-centric comments, which for a lot of people, is about the only time they are on the roads. Because of the distances I drive, I usually arrive at my destination well outside of rush hour and try to be gone and back on the motorway before school run starts and so see far less of the issues most people are reporting. Rush hour cyclists are usually in a hurry to get to work so there's probably a great number of careless cyclists in that group than at other times of the day.

For balance, I do get to drive in rush hour too, often in a strange town or city I'm unfamiliar with so do get to see the self important idiots as well. I'd guess there's probably a similar percentage of idiot cyclists as there are other vehicle users.

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