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"Yet there's space for the cyclist to pull out and cycle around the car or queue on the outside; i.e. the car driver just blocks the cyclist for the hell of it."

And then you'll pull out and be in their way again. Why exactly do you feel that you are entitled to get in the way of a faster vehicle and make a nuisance of yourself? At the same time, you get so uppity that somebody is in your way when it's a faster vehicle that will be gone and out of your way and waste far less of your time than you would of theirs?

You are not special for wearing lycra.

Your time is not more important than the time of somebody not on a bicycle.

Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it.

"If only the UK roads were more like the Dutch roads where there cars have to give way to cyclists. Cars would have to slow down and consider other people for a change."

Yet you clearly don't consider other people. Do us all a favour - emigrate.

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