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All I'm reading there is there are some bad cyclists and so you don't like cyclists.

As other commenters have said, there are bad everyone. I fairly often see people wandering about in the middle of busy roads because they expect traffic to just stop for them when they want to cross. I've seen bad drivers take out cyclists who were doing absolutely nothing wrong (most commonly because they can't be bothered waiting behind them on a narrow road or while turning left). I've seen buses mount the pavement and nearly take out pedestrians when pulling up to stops (and one particularly entertaining out-of-service driver who used his access to the bus lane to weave in and out of heavy traffic). Taxis attempting to undertake me while I'm cycling while I've been in an outside lane to pass parked cars and they've just moved off. Other cyclists telling you to let them past so they can run red lights (this really happens, and my heart sinks every time I see one do it because it's just more fuel for this blame all cyclists point of view, and your straw man that cyclists as a whole believe they're exempt from laws). There are some total idiots out there. But the vast majority of people manage to not kill each other and there are plenty of considerate road users of all stripes.

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