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If there is no cycle path, I've got news for your budy - it's not your space. You have no right of way over any other road user just because you are on a bike. You get to queue with all other road users, you self righteous, self entitled cyclists.

Riding along about 75cm from the kerb. Car overtakes leaving a clear metre alongside cyclist. Then veers in front of cyclist slowing down or stopping, closing up the 75 cm such that it's impossible to cycle past resulting in cyclist having to slow down. Yet there's space for the cyclist to pull out and cycle around the car or queue on the outside; i.e. the car driver just blocks the cyclist for the hell of it.

If only the UK roads were more like the Dutch roads where there cars have to give way to cyclists. Cars would have to slow down and consider other people for a change.

UK cycling does seem like a civil war at times where some ignorant car drivers have no appreciation for cyclists and vice versa.

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