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Prosecute driverless car devs for software snafus, say Brit cyclists

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If the tech works I would trust autonomous vehicles much more than the meat driven ones when I'm cycling. Not sure what they are moaning about. Most cycle deaths would be avoided by either:

Think I agree, an autonomous vehicle is less likely to attempt the classic pull in before fully passing manoeuvre (or the pass-with-left-turn one), or try to squeeze between a cyclist and a traffic island. But making the manufacturers liable is important in that, they're not motivated to get you there any faster at the risk of cutting corners.

There are lots of different classes of bad cyclists (doesn't mean they're in the majority), and there's a tendency to lump them together and use them as a straw man "what about?"-isms whenever people talk about improving cycling safety. (E.g. the tourists going the wrong way on cycle lanes on barclay's bikes have very little to do with some commuters bad habit of ignoring red lights.)

A lot need to be trained to control their road space a bit better as well

Waterloo bridge is currently being worked on, both directions single lane with no overtaking cyclists signs, but somehow when I get to the end of that there are cars behind me where previously there were cyclists. Odd that.

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