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For all your whining about Lycra and berserk cyclists - it's the motorist who's the carefree killer here.

Tosh. As a driver I am not "carefree" in the sense that you seem to mean. I have no desire whatsoever to harm any other road user or pedestrian; if I did I would care about it very much indeed.

I am of the view that as a sentient being I have a responsibility to keep myself out of danger and avoid putting anyone else in danger. As a pedestrian I have been endangered by cyclists, albeit not very often, but it has happened. A local canal towpath is clearly marked as "no cycling" but does that keep cyclists away? Does it hell; there have been accidents but nothing is done.

Although slightly OT I would cite a common local occurence; we live close to a primary school and as start time approaches the pavements (narrowed by cars parking with 2 wheels on them) fill up with pedestrians and schoolchildren on scooters, flying along with no regard for the safety of other pavement users, including pedestrians with dogs. It is for others to avoid them, not the other way round. They are already learning that they can disregard the safety of others in pursuit of their own selfish desires, and what is even more worrying the parents don't seem to see anything wrong with this.

It is high time that cyclists' belief that they ought to have a permanent "get out of jail card" awarded to them was debunked once and for all. IMHO the Dutch law is morally outrageous.

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