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Interception is exceptional

There does appear to be a bit of an inappropriate focus on CSI style attacks which in reality would be pretty hard to carry off and you'd be unlucky to be hit.

Crooks aren't totally daft they want nice easy returns intercepting and decrypting banking traffic is pretty hard in comparison to dropping a banking trojan or sending a phish. I really can't see too much threat to Joe Public from the interception of their data in transport. Basically there isn't enough money in it for the crooks to bother with, most people's bank accounts are pretty empty.

If you're going to grab small amounts you want to do it easily and on a large scale.

Now if you're a well known rich person with a few million quid in liquid assets in an account then you are maybe more likely to be someone that a crook will spend a bit more time and effort over. You Mr Rich person should really be looking for a band that will do 2FA for you.

But even then you're more likely to be done over by a phish, a trojan or an old fashioned grifter.

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