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you can be damn sure that I would claim on the insurance for the damage

Sure you will not. The cost of the damage to a bicycle in an average scrape with a car is significantly LESS than the excess on any insurance policy I know. I have been literally run over by a classic case of "woman driving off in cold weather" and the only damage to the bicycle was a write-off wheel worth 30 quid (*). That is less than the excess on my credit card insurance for crying out loud.

If you have more damage to the bicycle, you are probably in hospital as well and we are looking at an "insurance situation as we know it".

That is different from the cost to the car where a single item of bodyshop work is PAST the excess level. So frankly, if the cyclists are insured, the only people to benefit will be the drivers.

That may not be such a bad thing after all. Will make some people cycle more sanely.

Her husband actually showed up with a new wheel at my house the next day and tried to explain me that I am full of it and he cleaned the ice off her car. It took 30 seconds to show him that this does not help with the demisting and his wife was driving with a 30cm by 30cm visibility cleared of fog on the inside off the windshield. At which point he realized that they are lucky I did not press on the case and left.

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