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Does UK high street banks' crappy crypto actually matter?

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So things that are really out of date, or are old but the user can either turn on the support for later (better) protocols, or use alternative software (e.g. any browser other than IE)?

OpenSSL 0.9.1 was released in '98, the latest version of OpenSSL 0.9.X was released in 2005, and anything older then 1.0.2 is explicitly EOL.

The Java7 update you specify was June 18, 2013 Java7 itself (update 76) expired April 14, 2015.

Android kitkat was also 2013, and while technically supported with security patches to the source, it's unlikely that users are actually getting them. but that's not the problem, you stated older versions which are unsupported.

Not that you have control over what third parties use to connect to your systems of course, but there does come a time when it's probably not worth supporting outdated systems any more - or at least a point when you should be taking steps to discourage their use.

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