Reply to post: Why stop at prosecuting Dev's? andy why just the car manufacturer?

Prosecute driverless car devs for software snafus, say Brit cyclists

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

Why stop at prosecuting Dev's? andy why just the car manufacturer?

If every software error was a criminal offence then lawyers would be very happy indeed, and probably nobody else...

May as well prosecute Amazon every time the cloud goes down.

It is also likely that incidents, as posted above, will include an environmental, human (or animal) factor that software is unlikely to be able to include rules for. Is lack of design for predicting a situation the same as an error?

This seems extreme, although there probably should be some option for this, accidents probably should be investigated to confirm why, but not pre-allocate blame. Surely the answer is to enable and encourage manufacturers to revise their software rather than hide issues in order to dodge sueballs.

If ALL cars were automated road capacity would increase, and road rage would be removed too. Cars would drive in more predictable ways benefitting cyclists (and making us the hazard not the cars) although don't expect the mad max brigade of automate cars to stop and let you pull out either..

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