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"My experience as a cyclist/driver/pedestrian would suggest that an AV is more likely to safer in an urban environment than the average driver."

I don't doubt your experience as any of the above, but as you have no experience of automated vehicles in that environment you're really just making assumptions that they will cope with everything that an urban enviroment might throw their way. That sounds a little optimistic to me.

"I'm quite interested to see how behaviour will evolve around automated vehicles - if you know that an AV will emergency stop if you step out in front of it will everyone just wander into the road whenever they feel like it?"

Yes, of course they will. Either because they don't want to wait to cross the road, or just because they want to annoy the people in the cars. Expect to see lots of rear end collisions where AVs emergency stop too quickly for the driver behind to avoid them. Depending on the political agenda, this will either be used to push up insurance premiums for human drivers to the point where only AVs can be used, used to push up the cost of AV *and* human drivers to the point where only the rich can afford personal transport, or drive the introduction of strict jaywalking laws which punish inattentive or malicious pedestrians (if they can be caught afterwards).

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