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ICE's blocking EV Charging points

There is one rapid charger near me that has one parking space. The forecourt attendant parks his Diesel mobile in the bay meaning that no one can charge their car.

When asked to move it, he says that he can't leave the till area.

The garage operator does not care. They get a space rental from the charger company so he's quids in.

The charger company knows about this but they can't find anywhere local to move the charger to.

The next door local council wants to put CP's into their car parks but the district council won't let them.


I'm sure that come the next council tax band re-evaluation those of us who care for the environment by having Solar Panels and our own CP will get hit by a rise in Council Tax.

The Chief Exec of the council will no doubt get a double digit percentage pay rise for thinking up such a wheeze.

Jobsworths the lot of them. Eat this

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