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Does UK high street banks' crappy crypto actually matter?

Ben Tasker Silver badge

If you use the latest and greatest browser, then your connection will use the highest available encryption, so is not at risk.

If the bank / business also allows connections using weaker encryption for people with older browsers, that doesn't compromise your connection.

To be fair, as noted in the previous article, the highest available encryption available from some of the banks is actually quite low/old (with some not even have PFS).

But, as the current article notes, crooks don't generally both trying to attack your connection to the bank. Far easier to either deploy malware or use traditional phishing tactics.

As we continue to secure connections, those routes are only going to become more popular too. You only really need a low(ish) bar on the connection itself to make these the more lucrative and desirable routes, and that bar is already in place.

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