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Re: First Quantum Link... then Usenet... now...

"then Usenet died off"

no, it hasn't. neither has IRC. A lot of linux and programming-related and hacking-related newsgroups still exist, and get regular posts even.

it's just that TOO MANY people swallowed the FACE-BITCH/TW*TTER coolaid. But on USENET there are no ads [other than SPEW/SPAM]. There are no moderators [a moderated group is easily circumvented anyway]. There are no more "control: cancel" responses that are honored, so no post-post editing either. (but then again, I wouldn't need editing so much on El Reg if the fonts were of a reasonable size in the edit window, aka "the same size as the text I view after posting" - which it isn't).

And anyone who posts HTML to USENET is *APPROPRIATELY* *FLAMED*

It's truly the Wild West on USENET. As the intarwebs SHOULD be.

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