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More people are in employment now that any time in history.

Technically you might be correct, but I would argue a lot of those jobs are jobs for the sake of jobs. But I think the chances of that continuing is becoming less and less likely as a consequence of the things that are now being automated today and in the near future. The number of manufacturing jobs in the US peaked in 1979, for example. How many taxi or bus or goods drivers will be on the roads in 30 years time?

Re: Shitty jobs

Why wouldn't these be automated?

The one people can't see happening any time soon is caring for others. But to be honest, I'd rather have a robot look after me than some snotty nosed cunt who doesn't give a shit about me or my needs.

Imagine a lot of fault bridges collapsing and killing a lot of people.

Which is why I said "structurally viable". All architects and designers today have software that will tell them where stresses are and whether a building is structurally sound or not - and what its breaking points are. Why do you think that would suddenly not exist? Or in an automated society, why would you assume such things would be allowed to be built in the first place.

You are perfectly free right now to set up your own game company and be your own boss. Maybe the reason you don't is because, like me, as much as you bitch about your employers ripping you off, you really don't want the hassle, extra work and risk that comes with it.

Actually, I don't want to be worrying about money. I know a lot of friends who've set up their own companies who have struggled (and continue to struggle) financially, or ultimately failed because they were unable to get financial support in the first place, or their products failed because an investor or publisher forced them to release too early simply to make up the numbers on their books. I have my own company already for personal software projects, but it's only a part time affair for me right now. It may never amount to anything more than that, which is fine. My point was that if I were financially unburdened I would still do what I enjoy doing which is solving problems, experimenting and trying new things out, and developing software that other people find useful or enjoy.

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