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There is one, precisely one, newspaper which supports Scottish independence, The National. No TV stations or programs*, no radio stations. Yes supporters make up at least 45% of the population.

The SNP is a long term party of government since 2007. Last Holyrood election its vote went up, yet again, moving it out of the sweet spot in the D'Hont system which saw them gain a majority the time before. But enough of us saw that danger and voted Green (Green votes electing people with 1/10th of the number needed for SNP people on the List) that there is and was a Yes majority still in the parliament though.

Yet that government if introduced in news items in pejorative or negative terms constantly. When they do something good lots of articles come out decrying it in silly terms or if you are the BBC ignoring it utterly.

There is a genuine lack of representation of Yes and the SNP as a valid government in our media. Even though the SNP has been the government here for 10 years it is still treated as invalid by much of the media.

Do you think that half of the population being utterly unrepresented and unreflected in our media is fair?

*Though there will be the much derided even before it is broadcast Alex Salmond show on RT on Thurs.

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