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"As we move to an ever more automated manufacturing base, real jobs will become scarcer. This has been going on for some time and is simply accelerating all the time."

Is a flat-out falsehood. More people are in employment now that any time in history.

"As for people, I think you also underestimate humanity's drive and curiosity. The vast majority of people would want to (and would be able to) do things that they enjoy as opposed to being forced into what is essentially modern day slavery for most employees."

So if everyone only did stuff they wanted to do, who would do all the shitty jobs that need doing? Who would clean the sewers, care for elderly people with dementia, fix potholes in the road?

"Imagine a future where anyone can submit a structurally viable design for a new bridge (for example) and have the local residents vote on the one they like the most before it is built."

Imagine a lot of fault bridges collapsing and killing a lot of people.

"I used to make games for a living. I would like to do that some more - but with the knowledge that I'm not being ripped off and exploited by an industry that treats employees like shit."

You are perfectly free right now to set up your own game company and be your own boss. Maybe the reason you don't is because, like me, as much as you bitch about your employers ripping you off, you really don't want the hassle, extra work and risk that comes with it.

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