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"If UBI is set high enough to actually live on - a lot more than £400 a month - it will be massively more expensive than current benefit spending."

Outside of London, you can rent a room in a flat share for £200/month including bills, even less if you look up north.

I can live on £200/month for food & clothing, my family of 5 spends less than £1k/month on food & clothing, so that is £200 a person, and I we are not really careful at all with food/clothing spending..

If the government was to invest in building high rise buildings for social housing, the costs could be even less for housing and more importantly if it was done right it would provide good quality housing.

But the key thing is you get the UBI no matter what you do, so it costs next to nothing to administer, if your eligable you register once and then you get it forever, no need to check anything afterwards except to ensure the person isn't dead each year and when you reach 16 switch the management of the money to the new adult.

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