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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

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There's a lot of know nothings on this thread. I am local (I work in durham and cycle commute 16 miles daily). that road is a 40 limit, but has islands, traffic lights as well as junctions. There is a very poor footpath which for some of it has been "converted" to make it legal for cyclists to use although in reality not fit for purpose

It was reported yesterday that the poor guy killed although 80, was an experienced long distance cyclist who still did 3 or 4 60ml+ rides a week, so probably a damn sight fitter and more alert than most people on this site. It would have been appropriate for him to be on the road and not on the poor path, so LA must carry some responsibility for lack of suitable infrastructure.

Bear in mind that a husband, father and grandfather died, some of the comments have been in decidedly bad taste and some verging on the offensive

there's been no reports about the mode the car was in, or any other circumstances surrounding the collision. However, last friday it was very sunny here, and at the time of the collision both parties would have been cycling into bright low sun, and my guess is that the driver was struggling to see, and obviously didn't slow so he could stop in that distance

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