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Just, it was implemented that way anywhere,

It was implemented NOWHERE. NOT a single "communist" country has ever pretended to implement communism. What they pretended to was to implement "socialism" with various adjectives describing it as an interim stage towards communism.

The mere fact that you are saying "implemented" and "communism" in one sentence means you have got way too much propaganda brainwashing and you do not actually know a single bit about the ideological drivel which was used to justify various interesting approaches in the Eastern block.

The actual system there was a THEOCRACY. You HAD to believe in the bright future of communism. That is what the posters (this one) said and you really needed that belief, because:

1. The communist party manifesto is an ideal to subscribe to (chunks of it are plagiarized out of the Sermon on the Mount).

2. The first volume of the Das Capital sorta makes sense. It is an interesting take on things to say the least

3. By the time you are at volume 3 you are in WTF land.

4. The only way to contend with Lenin's syphilitic drivel is to fervently believe in it. It is not WTF, it is beyond WTF land - most of the arguments fail basic formal logic requirements.

5. The stuff "built on top" of Lenin or god forbid the stuff ghost-written for Stalin or Brezhnev is totally out of the lunatic asylum. We are not talking belief here, we are talking belief at the level at which lunatics in the US mid-west believe in Rapture and/or some bearded lunatics believe in the veracity of some of the stuff attributed to Muhammed.

6. That is why "communists" persecuted religion that much as well - a state religion in a theocracy does not tolerate any competition.

7. I can continue here - party hierarchy (religious) in parallel to the society one, persecution of heretics, elimination of heretics (Joseph Jugashvilli style) - the list can be continued on many, many pages.

There was NEVER communism in any society on earth. There will probably never be. There were vicious oligarchical homicidal theocracies masquerading as "socialist societies striving to become communist". That is not communism as a societal order. In any sense.

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