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>When will these post-modernists realise they won't win?

Warning: approximate descriptions follow...

Both modern and (what is often called) postmodern thinking are the result of the move to atheism. They both run into problems when philosophy rubs up against reality.

Modern "Scientific" thinking says there is no purpose or reason to anything in the universe because it comes from randomness. Dawkins will tell you that. The problem is that people see their lives and their relationships and world events and instinctively know that they must have some purpose, and that "evil" is a real thing. Only a sociopath, not even Dawkins, can run his day-to-day life in harmony with the truth of a meaningless universe. There is an explicit disconnect between what is "fact" and what is "valued." Values are disconnected from reality.

The post-modernist tries to remedy this problem of modern thinking. This came from shortly after the enlightenment (rather than being chronologically after the modern era) and was the reaction against the meaninglessness of enlightenment thinking. Rather than taking the external physical world as the starting point for truth, they take the view that the mind is what senses the physical world and therefore reality is in the mind, not the external world. Truth is therefore what we collectively agree is reality and therefore, anything which is "true" is a social construct. This thinking show up when we see "scientific consensus" being equated with "truth" (which may or may not be the reality of the situation) and also things like "gender is a social construct." The problem is that we have no way of stepping outside of our minds to test anything and therefore we've given up on, and are un-tethered from, "objective reality." Again, values are explicitly disconnected from reality.

Once values are disconnected from reality, we get more and more irrational behavior. Logic and truth become twisted or irrelevant. Look at CNN, the BBC, the Guardian, Salon, student protests and mass shootings for evidence of this. I think Collectivists (Left and also Alt-Right) with their historical predilection for explicitly embracing secularist ideology and penchant for class (worker/capitalist; race; gender etc) warfare fall prey to this problem in a particularly identifiable manner.

Once objective reality is disconnected from values, narrative and perspectives become paramount. Everything is viewed through a very limited lens leading to a warping of common sense. Yelling at the sky becomes a thing. Denying Trump is your president is a thing. Race warfare by any means necessary becomes a thing. Denying that Socialism ends in human catastrophe, becomes a thing. This isn't to say the Right doesn't have its problems - it is just that the Left has gone full-lunatic first.

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