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"So Amazon has a revenue of over $136 billion ($136,000,000,000.00) per year"

I think you need to look up what the word "revenue" means. Here is a clue - it is not the same as profit.

"most of which is "reinvested" into tax dodges to avoid having a profit and therefore paying any tax."

Wrong, most of it is offset in expenditure - you know, buying the stock it sells and paying it's staff and it's bills.

"Profitibility in a normal company is about 40% which would be about $54 billion a year for Amazon."

Wrong and wrong again.

"Even assuming that true pre tax dodge profitibility is half this figure"

Would still be wrong.

Amazon sells vast quantities of stuff, but at very thin margins or even at a loss because Jeff Bezos wants to grow the business more than make immediate profits.

Apple is a much better example of a company that is vastly profitable, and keeps all it's profits in a bank vault in an offshore tax haven to avoid paying taxes.

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