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Pretty much every time i've seen a reasonable UBI proposal, the amount has always been in line with current benefits (pensions, child benefits and unemployment)

No-one has suggested UBI be set to be enough to live on, its always been a 'safety net' of a small amount. Sure, in the far future where all work is done by robots, we may have to look at a UBI of a level enough to live on, just so that the companies can make profit by selling things to people.

But what is being proposed these days is a replacement for most of the current welfare benefits (which does mean unemployment, pensions, child benefit will all go) - all that will remain will be a top up for disability and housing. The rest is removed by the UBI

Btw, getting £100 a week per adult, and £50 a week per child is more than you would get on unemployment in the UK, and more than you would get for child benefit in the current setup.

In all honesty, if you dropped it to £75 a week for a working age adult, and £35 per child, (£150 for a pensioner) the costs would be in line with current UK welfare provisions, but with reduced administration costs

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