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"We don't have magic replicators, but we do have big combine harvesters. We're approaching the point - and have been since the invention of the plough - where it's available land mass that dictate our resources, not human labour."

We are not remotely approaching the point where everyone can have everything they want without anyone having to work - where no-one has to do shitty jobs like stacking shelves, wiping the arses of senile geriatrics or scraping fatbergs off the walls of sewers. Who exactly is going to do these jobs if they can live on a handout from the state?

"That's why we have so many jobs - coders, market researchers, interior decorators - that aren't directly tied to feeding us."

You mean how jobs still exist even though technology was supposed to destroy all of them?

How people keep on finding new jobs to do, even though machines plough our fields, work our production lines and route or telephone calls?

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