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And yet, in places where they have actually trialled UBI, they have found that almost everyone involved used the income to improve their own situation, either by education, or by spending.

Getting £400 a month on UBI for a working age individual isn't going to give you an easy life - however, continuing to get £400 a month even if you are employed is going to encourage those who want to live on more than the bare minimum to actually seek employment.

The whole point of UBI doesn't seem to be to give everyone a cushy wage so that there is little to no incentive to work, but rather to give everyone (employed or unemployed) a small amount of income based on the wealth of the nation. An amount that will allow them to improve their lives, buy things they otherwise couldn't, or even work a little less and enjoy life a little more.

Doing so actually improves the economy, because contrary to the belief in trickle down economics, what actually improves an economy is having more people spending small amounts of money, rather than extremely rich people hoarding extreme amounts of money.

All done in a way that reduces government spend (by decreasing bureaucracy), reduces the need for fraud investigation into tiny amounts of money (if all benefit fraud occurring right now stopped, the amount recovered would be a fraction of the amount that could be reclaimed by focusing on big tax avoiders)

If done right, UBI could greatly improve society, provide a decent safety net for most, and encourage spending amongst everyone else.

What could you do with an extra £400 a month - pretty sure you wouldn't give up your job for it, because even minimum wage is nearly three times that.

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