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Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen

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Great idea, pity

Like proportional representation UBI is a great idea, but certainly the UK would be among the last countries (together with the US) to adopt it.

The problem is the "money for nothing" aspect which will jar with the right wingers, and the older community in both countries, as to whether we need it it depends on the pace of technology in all it's forms replacing humans in jobs (doesn't have to necessarily be any kind of artificial intelligence, the automated till that sold me snacks in the local mini market this morning definitely doesn't think, but definitely replaced a cashiers job).

We have long dreamed of robots doing all the work so we could enjoy a life of leisure, but the reality is something people shy away from, we have a hideously unequal economic system but we are more outraged by someone scrounging benefits than someone, or some company, moving billions offshore to some tax haven :

The problem will be for capitalism to sort out, companies overriding principle is to create money and cut costs, if it becomes viable to reduce payroll to near zero companies will do it, this would not be so bad if they paid tax fairly but at present they are not and they seem to have the politicians pretty well on their side.

If we ever get to a state of advanced automation where most people don't have a job I think some kind of UBI will become forced on the commercial world in order to keep people buying, if they don't then the rate of failures will increase as profits fall, therefore to maintain the status quo we will need some kind of socialism for the rest of us, the alternative would probably be something approaching the French revolution, if those in control follow the "Let them eat cake" option (which is why some of these super rich internet moguls are so interested in UBI).

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