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Universal basic income is a great idea, which is also why it won't happen

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UBI is a horrible idea. It will destroy democracy and hand all power to a tiny ruling elite. (Even more than they have currently.)

As a historical example, the Roman Republic introduced a universal basic income for all Roman citizens: Within a couple of decades the Republic - which was centuries old, and had become the greatest power in history - collapsed and became and Empire: Free Roman citizens became subjects of an all-powerful monarch.

"Engineers look at systems that aren’t working and ask how they can be made to work,"

Communists saw human society as a "system" that could be perfected if only a small group of very clever people (themselves) could only be given absolute control over it. How did that work out again?

“Technologists can see more clearly than many that the employment market is going to change.”

Technologists don't have a particularly good track record at predicting the future of the employment market.

What people like Zuckerberg probably do see in UBI is that the cost to them is one worth paying in return for society's acquiescence in a tiny billionaire elite, which he is a member of, taking ever more control over society and the economy.

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