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The explanation (maybe about 80% accurate) for car drivers running over cyclists is actually quite simple. Too many car drivers are using incorrect upside down logic in their driving.

Nah, too many drivers just don't look. Had someone pull out in front of me at a T-junction whilst I was travelling along the major road. Had to slam on the brakes, other driver couldn't care less - "he'll stop" seemed the attitude. I should have just ploughed into the back of them if it weren't for the inconvenience.

At the weekend I had someone cut in front of me in their little Mazda 1 or similar sized city car. Too busy talking to their buddy and laughed it off. I was driving a near 3 tonne 4x4 and had to slam the brakes on as did everyone behind me. I am rapidly approaching the point at which I'm considering giving Darwin a split-second head start before braking as this driver behaviour is really starting to give me the shits.

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