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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

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Re: What's the point of all these anecdotal comments???

A13 reported, "not badly injured, but the bike is a write-off."

Nice that you're okay.

The explanation (maybe about 80% accurate) for car drivers running over cyclists is actually quite simple. Too many car drivers are using incorrect upside down logic in their driving. They're looking out for other cars, and proceeding if their reptilian brain stem doesn't see another car (includes trucks and buses). They're not looking for empty road, and proceeding only if the road is actually empty.

Their logic is backwards; dangerously wrong.

The drivers using the correct "empty road" logic will see anything. Car, buses, trucks, bicycles, escaped beasts from the zoo, anything... Doesn't matter what. They're looking for empty road.

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