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"On servers anyway, because non-x86 gave a degree of Windows virus protection"

Viruses on Windows server have never been a significant issue as 99% of Windows virus attacks require user interaction. There have been a few notable worms but then Linux has also had a few of those. Now that Windows Server is a minimal feature install and is firewalled and locked down by default and also has no GUI by default it has a reasonably good security profile.

If I was to choose an OS based only on security then it would probably be Open BSD, but that's not usually the only consideration.

When used as an Internet facing Web server, Windows is actually circa 4 times less likely to be hacked / defaced than an OSS stack on Linux when allowing for market share of servers. To be fair on Linux, a fair proportion of such exploits are due to the stack rather than the OS, but still...

According to Netcraft ~ 50% of Internet websites now run IIS on Windows so if there was a significant security issue I think we would have seen it by now!

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