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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S



I'll take that bet. Come on, man up... put your money where your mouth is. You had ZERO reason to make that statement, yet you're (apparently) willing to put money on it?

Incidentally, there was never any real evidence that Joshua Brown (presumably the "last publicized Tesla incident" you're referring to) was watching a movie. There was a portable DVD player found in the car and the truck driver said he thought he heard Harry Potter "blaring" after the accident. Mr. Brown was a grown ass man... it seems unlikely to me that this ex Navy Seal was watching a kid's movie at a "blaring" volume. Reports say that police found a portable DVD player in the car (no mention of whether the inserted DVD was Harry Potter to coroborate the trucker's story, but whatever) but that means nothing. In a violent crash like that, it was just as likely that the device got thrown around and turned on inadvertently than it is that he was watching this kid's movie while driving. The point is, YOU DONT KNOW then and you don't know now.

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