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"Might be worth checking your stats, in UK 2 pedestrians die a year from cycles but 6 a day from cars.

Evidence based approach please!"

Ooh, ooh, can I do that?

You've forgotten to divide by the number of passenger miles. Cars kill 2000/year, roughly, bikes 2/year, roughly. So if there are more than 1000 times as many passenger miles by car than bike, then cars are safer for pedestrians. Here is the data per billion passenger miles. It looks bad for Mr Cyclist, but terrible for Mr Motorcyclist.

Pedestrians KSI per billion vehicle miles (not even passenger miles, which inflates the car death rate, as average occupancy rate is about 1.6, and of course massively inflates the bus death rate):

By cycle: K 0.9, SI 31

By motocycle: K 6.0, SI 66

By car: K 1.1, SI 16

By bus/coach: K 12, SI 81

By van: K 0.7, SI 6.4

By HGV: K 3.9, SI 5.3

(K = killed, SI = seriously injured)

So what can we learn from this?

1) Carpooling wouldn't change this data, but would reduce absolute numbers of casualties,

2) Two people in a car are safer than two bicycles for K, and one car much safer than one bicycle for KSI in total.

3) Motorcycles are a menace to society and maybe should be banned on safety grounds.

4) Get rid of all bus routes with an occupancy below 12 or so?

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