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Ours came with the power to the garage being run via an ordinary grey electrical flex out of a hole in an air brick, up the gate pillar, across the gate pillar clipped to the TOP of a piece of wood spanning the pillars (careful when moving that ladder now) then in under the corrugated roof. I needed to remake the sad excuse for a gate with a solid Z-gate (still going strong) and replaced the cable with surface rated armoured cable. It goes below. There's a small step from the concrete flagstones down to the concrete apron in front of the garage. It is run down there shielded from rubbish bin wheels by a piece of angle iron screwed to the piers by tabs bent on the ends.

No more careful with ladders until you begin to extend them (power lines to all the houses runs from a pole in the middle of our backs and two at least cross the airspace of our back yard.

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