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The investigation into the Florida fatality provided some detail. Like Tesla's reluctant to provide details. It does have cameras, but think they're primarily for it's rear-end detection system rather than storing images.

So the Police may request the evidence, and Tesla may say 'Nope'. There's probably fun with jurisdictions and liability. Or they could print the data logged, one hex char per page. But as more autonomous vehicles hit the other road users.. I mean roads, these issues need to be addressed.

AFAIK in a fatality, the Police seize the vehicle and examine it. So they could have the data, ie the 'black box', but no means to decode or interpret it. So it would probably be a good thing to have some system similar to aircraft investigations where TPTB can access car data. The Florida crash showed a CDIT (Controlled Drive Into Truck) with neither the driver nor the vehicle making any attempt to avoid it. Data from this fatility may show if the driver was in control, and if collision detection activated. But the Florida crash also showed several blind spots.

It's not a problem unique to Tesla, but I think there should be a way for investigators to access vehicle data, quickly and conveniently, especially in fatalities.

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