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What makes you think that it is anything but extremely unlikely that the driver of the Tesla is not at fault?

There simply is not sufficient data currently available to say who is at fault. Or even if anyone is at fault. It may well be that the Tesla was slamming down the road at 200 kph and plowed right over the totally innocent and unsuspecting cyclist... but there ain't no data currently available to draw that, or any other, conclusion. Perhaps there will be more data available later; perhaps the cyclist saw some pretty flowers on the other side of the road and turned to go smell them... right into the path of the Tesla, which was making 50 kph under the direct control of the driver. We don't know. We have no data. Making a judgement before having the data is generally considered to be Not A Good Thing. May I suggest that we wait and get some data and then make the judgement? Just a thought.

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