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Reasonable assumptions might play a part here.

The Tesla S 90D is an expensive sports car. It's is likely that it was traveling at a substantial speed, it is possible that it wasn't, but why spend £70,000 on a fast car and then not go fast?

The cyclist was, well, a cyclist. It is likely they were travelling somewhat slower, it is possible that they were travelling at substantial speed, but the cyclist's speed is limited by the limits of human performance and endurance. It is possible they were cycling up to 70km/h but for an 80 year old that seems unlikely.

On balance, it would seem to be more likely that the car hit the cyclist than the cyclist hit the car. Under UK law (and based upon common sense) this would make it the car driver's fault (unless some mitigating circumstances can be found).

What makes you think that it is anything but extremely unlikely that the driver of the Tesla is not at fault?

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