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80-year-old cyclist killed in prang with Tesla Model S

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I once passed a cyclist, gave him a full lane width of space, he still turned right without looking or signalling and hit the back of my car.

In fact most car drivers drive in such a way as to yield their so called "right of way" (doesn't exist) in the interests of everybody. But I've noticed a prevalence among cyclists to assert their perceived "right of way" even if that means putting themselves in danger.

On days when I cycle to work (days when I'm not going to be either soaked in sweat or rain) I tend to try to help all the traffic along and I won't let a queue build up behind me. Observe the drivers, at least 19/20 will be looking after you. I observe the other cyclists, they tend not to want to give anything away, some of them even get aggressive toward each other and pedestrians.

It's should always be a co-operative effort, regardless of who has the largest and hardest mass.

Some motorcycle training would be a very good thing for cyclists and drivers.

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