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Ah; but beware the concept of "lies, damn lies, & statistics". The raw figures do tell a depressing tale but to demonstrate how misleading they can be I suggest you consider the following: In the event of a collision between a motor vehicle and a cyclist the cyclist is going to come off worse every time. However, the figures you quote could mean that there were 3,339 occasions when cyclists did something really stupid and as a result were either killed or seriously injured despite the vehicle driver doing everything they could to avoid it. Now that is obviously statistically improbable, but it does help show that raw data, without anything further by way of detail, presents a totally incomplete picture of the overall situation which in turn can mislead those reading it.

If you are trying to solve a problem then the likelihood of finding the correct solution is greatly reduced if you don't make sure that you analyse it properly first and garner all the relevant information about it.

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